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  Keywords Creation page
Unlimited access.

  Keywords created are for serious companies/individuals/NGOs etc who uses them for active promotion of their products/services/branding.

The keywords thus generated will be actively monitored. Dormant keyword may be subjected for deletion from our data base.

All are welcome to create their own keywords to whatever legal websites they wish
(provided these are not illegal or malicious sites ).
No site that propagates child pornography, religious extremisms/hatred and hate is allowed and we reserve the right to delete without giving any notice whatsoever.

This page enables the creation of temporary  "open" keywords and may be used until the keywords are officially registered whereupon the keywords' destination page will be changed to the new owners' preferences.  So subscribe to prevent others from taking the keywords and lose it forever.

To purchase and register officially the keyword here

Inactive and illegal keywords will be deleted without notice.
So if you are sure of using the keywords , then register the keywords domain on yearly basis.

Only a limited number of registrations are allowed per email submitted.

  Important notice
Please note that AGEGoogle.com and AGEsuper.com are our domains. More would be added to secure access in case on is out for whatever reasons.  For lists of our domain names please check

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By clicking this register button, you confirm you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of use of AGE Keywords. You also agree that you will accept our email notices to the email registered regarding the submissions.

Read the full text of the Terms and Conditions of the agreement
here  .
The "open" keywords are free to create with unlimited access for both the basic and the premier plan
on non exclusive basis (until a paid subscription is effected).

Meanwhile all "open" free keywords are available for access on first come first served basis for keywords that are NOT related to major brands/corporate names
(reserved until further notice).  More details see conditions of terms of use

Important notice.
*Free Indexed keywords are provided on non exclusive basis on the understanding that the keywords can be deleted if they are inactive for a period of time.

These keywords are created on "open" basis . This means they are not officially registered . Usage of such may continue until the keywords are officially registered where upon the "open" keywords will become null and void.

In such an event, the new subscriber will have the first priority right to assign the keywords to a new web address. To avoid losing the keywords first priority rights, we recommend all to officially sign up/subscribe the keywords  (just like web address domain names) to protect continue to use the keywords.



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