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 Virtual Cities Building Block
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Building blocks for listing in Virtual Cities sample
Business name cards  sample   sample
Advertisements for products/services sample
  Each unit costs RM490 / year      

1 year subscription Virtual Cities
Building Block 
RM490 per year







Amendments to
Keywords/ Online Business Portal
The first landing page when Keywords are created are free and can be used without limits under the 'open' keywords status. If user wishes to change the landing page to another web site (landing pages/URL) will cost RM30 per change
This applies also to any change for

Change the landing page of each 'open' or 'registered' keyword 

RM 30-00 one time (about US 6.50)

 Keywords subscription

First create the keywords here 
To bank in directly for Malaysian buyers see top
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To convert keywords from 'open' status to 'registered' status'
Keywords with more than one word  or any phone number
e.g. 017 355 1075 , Samsung note 5

The Keyword will index to the web address provided by the subscriber.

Subscriber will have exclusive use of the Keyword and have first priority to renew every year just like Domain names renewal.  Failure to renew will render the Keywords available to the public for subscriptions.


RM150 per year (Country)             RM300/year (International)
(about US 33/year)




  Single word Keywords
Example: Nike, Samsung,

 RM 390/year (Country)            RM 780-00/year (International)

Payment options for country/International registrations



Acronym/Initials keywords
         e.g.  IBM, IG, CIMB

RM 590 per year(Country- about US 130/year)
RM1180  (International - about US260/year)


Note: Supply of Acronyms keywords especially two letters keywords are extremely limited. Grab now !


 reply page

  Subscription for 1 year reply page.

This page requires Keywords to use. User must have a valid Keyword to use this.

Specially for owners to upload advertisements, products and services so that customers can using the Keywords reaches this page .

Owners can advertise like these
and show instantly whatever advertisements, product and services. 

Customers can upload files, documents, order, comments on the products.

Owners can upload images, links to other sites and descriptions for the public to read, link and interact. There is no need to register a web address and get a hosting service to be online. The Keywords will act as the web address and the Offers site will be hosting the keyword's contents.

No programming required.

Ideal for all businesses, sales, marketing, advertising, politicians etc
Fastest way to go online and promote whatever you have easily.



RM250 per year







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