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Access from any Internet device
Ideal for all sales / marketing

Ideal for all sales / marketing. Now for the FIRST TIME, phone numbers and names become URL addresses!
One can now use phone numbers directly in any browser and use it as hyperlink e.g http://agegoogle.com/phone-numbers

See all the advertising media that AGEGoogle.com Keywords System can be put into effective use
http://agegoogle.com/ad .

AGEGoogle Keywords
Important notice

All 'open' keywords are unregistered keywords that can be freely created and used with unlimited hits until they are officially registered by any party interested in those keywords. 

2. The first landing page set for the keyword is free and can be used with unlimited hits. A small fee is levied if the landing page is to be changed. This means that if the first landing site is http://abc.com , http://abc.com can be used freely subject to 1  above.  If user wishes to change it to say Facebook.com/abc , a small fee is levied.

3. Terms and conditions of use of AGEgoogle.com Keywords System

Official registrations of Keywords for both national and International levels
There are two kinds of Keywords, national (country) and International levels.

National level keywords when used by a user in the same country will get precedence over the International level keywords e.g. citibank~my, citibank~int  (where '~my' indicates Malaysia and  '~int' indicates International. Not needed to be keyed in). In countries where there is no 'citibank' keyword registered at country level, the International level 'citibank' keyword will show the landing page for the international keyword.

This means that there are nearly 230 countries keywords worldwide available and one International level keyword for each word e.g. citibank Samsung, Apple etc (taken as examples only).

An International level keyword is twice the cost of a national keyword.

Important to register
It is important to secure the important phone numbers and keywords , just like domain names. If it is lost to others, one can only request to buy at a premium from the registered owner.

Currently , all keywords are open for registrations. Companies owning iconic and famous names are strongly advised to register less those keywords are hijacked by others with disastrous consequences for the companies in their future marketing and promotions.

AGEGoogle.com Keywords System is available globally and seeking partners all over the world to implement it. It is  expected to see its use spread far and wide in due course.

Not all keywords are available

Many iconic names such as Nike , Microsoft. McDonald etc are already taken and are NOT available. These may be purchased through the registered parties.

Many such names are going and purchased by investors and users.

If such registered keywords are submitted, they will be rejected and fund submitted has to be used for another available Keyword.
Owners of these iconic names that have been registered by other parties, must negotiate with the registered holders of the AGEGoogle.com keywords.  Such transfer must be done online and through AGEGoogle.com Domain Name Transfer portal.

A 10% transfer fee of the amount agreed to is charged for such future names transfer and must be done through our official AGEGoogle.com domain names transfer portal.

Register your domain names now before it is too late

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An alternative is to send the image through email to sale@agegoogle.com

if you have any question, you can post questions through whatsapp at 6017 355 1075
or through our email.


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